About Outdoor Aesthetics

Serving London & Area

We chose London as our initial city of operations for many reasons, the most prominent being the overall attitude of the city. London residents are well educated and realize that an outdoor living space that is both beautiful and functional has a positive impact on life. We concluded that London residents would truly appreciate and benefit from our creations.


Through every step of the project, our attention to detail, professionalism and quality will be apparent . Upon completion of your landscape, you will be left with an outdoor living space that will be truly awe inspiring.


At Outdoor Aesthetics, we feel for a homeowner to truly appreciate a landscape, they needs to understand it. That is why after installation is complete, you will receive an Owners Manual specifically created for you.

In this manual you will find instructions for plant care, information on your irrigation and drainage system, history on your rock or other hardscape items used, and a copy of your design identifying each aspect of your landscape.

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